Using Blockchain Control the Internal Business Environment


Mastering some of the forces that affect your business can be pivotal to your company’s overall performance. The extent to which you as an entrepreneur can control them differs both internally and externally. Let’s consider the internal business environment which impacts the success and approach to operations of your business from within. Call it “the enemy within”, but unlike external factors, you have control over these factors. It only makes sense for you to recognize the opportunities that can improve your day-to-day operations while eliminating threats. One such avenue could be the newly developed blockchain technology, which is used to manage the strength of cryptocurrencies.

For instance, CoinMarketBrasil, with the ICO scheduled for 2nd February 2018 – is a database security company that operates in the field of “crypto-active and information security”, providing payments and receipt systems for cryptocoins and tokens while supporting the implementation of security and business competitiveness based on blockchain technologies. CoinMarketBrasil will provide smart solutions to business looking to go smart. Using blockchain technology, the company will offer a decentralized system for business project operations, which can be deployed within existing ERP systems while adding database security and implementing managed blockchain services.

CoinMarketBrasil is working on promoting a crypto-active market in Brazil by creating solutions that could eliminate problems related to payments, receipts of accounts, poorly programmed ERP systems, communications failure—both within organizations and external customers and other security failures. In order to do so, the platform provides elaborate plans for scheduling business activities, including financial data handling to modernize the existing processes and making it ready to tackle the upcoming era of modern quantum computing, which otherwise could pose a risk to current systems.

Not only will CoinMarketBrasil reduce the number of internal problems encountered by a number of companies, but also introduce these companies to the decentralized way of doing business. By decentralizing the system, CoinMarketBrasil will ensure that no undue charges, money laundering schemes, diversions, and legal irregularities come up throughout the project created with the support of the technology offered. The company will have a portal for payments and receipts of account and contracts, where it will be mandatory to define the stakeholders and personnel responsible for such documents, in some cases, someone will be required to approve once they have been notified. This will be enforced within the CoinMarketBrasil ecosystem using smart contracts defined during the early stages of the company.

With its ICO set to begin on the 2nd of February 2017, CoinMarketBrasil will be placing their tokens on the market for future system users. The generated tokens can be used for ticket payments, used in place of bank deposits, conversion to balance in several other cryptocurrencies using its own exchange platform, which is available both as a mobile application and a desktop application. The platform will also provide two wallets – BI-Wallet (Business Intelligence Wallet) and U-Wallet (SI-Simplified) for the storage and the management of its tokens. The Business Intelligence Wallet will offer resources to companies while U-Wallets will have standard cryptographic features.

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