IndSoft Systems Expands into Blockchain Setup & Consulting


IndSoft Systems, a leading cloud-based solutions provider, recently announced its portfolio expansion, now capturing blockchain technology consulting services to support clients leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is quickly gaining a great deal of attention from investors. Businesses all over the world, are actively looking for the ways to leverage upon this technology for achieving cost and time efficiency.

Blockchain’s growing penetration…

Blockchain is the technology underlying the digital currency bitcoin. It has acquired a new identity as a novel enterprise-grade, decentralized mechanism. Today, growing number of companies across industries are experimenting with bitcoin as a trusted way to track the ownership, and verify transactions and assets without the need for any central authority. The technology makes the ledgers more transparent, trustworthy and efficient. Blockchain has the potential to transform businesses and governments in terms of the ways their operations are executed and new opportunities recognized.

As per IndSoft’s spokesperson…

IndSoft Systems made this announcement after the successful deployment of one of its innovative fintech solutions using blockchain technology. Unveiling the firm’s excitement, Ken Dsouza, Sr. Manager at IndSoft Systems says,  “Succeeding with the new technology requires enriched knowledge of processes and concept thinking. Since IndSoft has been working on innovative solutions for more than 20 years, we have become one of the most trusted choices. We already have acquired multiple inquiries from banking, financial institutions, government agencies and insurance clients who are keen to deploy blockchain based solutions and transform their businesses”.

IndSoft realized the potential of Bitcoin as early in 2014, when it started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for its services. Since then, the company has actively been experimenting on Blockchain. IndSoft offers solutions in Ethereum, Hyperledger and Bitcoin, based upon the specific requirement of clients. Explore IndSoft at

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