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With ENIGMA the Europe based Cloakcoin team is again positioning their highly private, secure and decentralized cryptocurency system to take center stage in the anon coin market. Formerly named POSA3, ENIGMA is complimenting Cloakshield to enable users with a high demand of privacy to securely transfer their funds without fear of being traced and exposed.

CloakCoin – with Enigma and Cloakshield – features off-chain mixing by other peers to facilitate fully private, secure, untraceable and decentralized transactions. Whereas many of the more known anon coins had to recently pull back from markets to redesign their systems, Cloakcoin has improved and steamed ahead on a path to serve the privacy requirements of the market. This demand is rapidly growing with the mainstream awareness of the privacy vulnerability of Bitcoin transactions that have become apparent after harsh sentences have been served to people involved in illegal market activities. The increasing surveillance of all online activities are causing people to become more aware of their need for privacy. Cloakcoin delivers this privacy. With ENIGMA, the off blockchain peer to peer coin mixing system in combination with Cloakshield, an onion routing module like TOR, the Cloakcoin wallet operates by default in the highest sercurity mode and no additional measures are required by the user. See this article on Bitcoin security for comparison –

And Cloakcoin solves another big issue currently discussed with cryptocurrencies: Fungibility – the requirement that all coins in the network have the same value and cannot be denominated or even blacklisted.

New wallets with a focus on a high degree of usability are being released and additional platforms are added continuously making Cloakcoin very much a lifely and growing foundation for markets with the need to remain private to successfully expand their operations. Based on PoS every wallet holder is credited with 6% interest on his coins per annum with additional income while being an active ENIGMA peer. Stay tuned as Cloakcoin will be releasing new features in a rapid succession over the coming weeks.

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