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This Crypto Play-to-earn Project is Changing People’s Perception of Blockchain


Despite the massive potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, they have yet to penetrate the masses. The dramatic crashes in the market drive investors away. However, some cryptocurrencies instill faith in the future of blockchain and its application across industries. 

The latest crypto project to win hearts is Tamadoge, having recorded 9X returns, just a few days into its launch on the OKX exchange. Buyer demand for TAMA is surging, as the project announces more exchange listings and its first NFT drop.

Tamadoge 1Month Chart
Tamadoge 1-month price chart, 3 October 2022, source: CoinMarketCap

Utility is the Only Path Forward 

If we analyze the crypto market up close, we will find that most projects don’t have a clear vision or a realistic action plan. Worse yet, many duplicate white papers from popular projects and launch them with minor tweaks. Evidently, they can’t fool the community for long. They bite the dust in a few months, wiping out the investors’ wallets.  

A blockchain project should focus on building value rather than speculation to succeed in the long run. Regardless of where the market swings, these projects will flourish over time with the support of a staunch community. Tamadoge is yet another testimony. 

Tamadoge uses the meme coin tag to draw traction to its play-to-earn ecosystem that integrates NFT, metaverse, and augmented reality applications. The game will be centered around Tamadoge Pet NFTs, which are minted as babies. You can play with them to climb up the leaderboards and earn rewards. The game will be simple and fun. 

TAMA Roadmap
Source: Tamadoge.io

TAMA is the native token of the ecosystem. It is packed with utilities so that the buying demand consistently increases as the project rolls out more features. For starters, you can use TAMA to mint, breed, and battle your Tamadoge Pets. 

Another interesting feature that caters to Tamadoge’s popularity is its augmented reality experiences. Titled Tamaverse, the Tamadoge metaverse allows you to play with your Pet NFTs in the metaverse. 

Buy Tamadoge on OKX 

Prioritizing Safety and Security 

The blockchain space is known for frequent hacks, rug pulls, and other scams. Projects often overlook the importance of smart contract audits. The negligence proves to be fatal in the end. Tamadoge, on the other hand, has successfully undergone an extensive audit from leading blockchain security company SolidProof. And the team is reviewed by CoinSniper, further strengthening its credibility. 

TAMA on LBank and MEXC from October 5

Tamadoge began its exchange listing with the OKX exchange on the 27th of September. The project has already announced its next listings to serve the fast-growing demand for the token from around the globe. It will go live on LBank at 11:00 UTC and MEXC Global at 13:00 UTC on 5 October 2022.

ULTRA-RARE Tamadoge NFTs Dropping on October 6

Tamadoge is reviving the blockchain market with its focus on building value, rather than buzz. While most projects keep the communities waiting for months before launching NFT collections as promised in the white papers, Tamadoge’s first NFT drop is scheduled for 6 October 2022. The project was announced in July 2022 and the token went live just a few days back. 

Tamadoge NFTs
Source: Tamadoge.io

The limited collection of 100 NFTs will have increased agility, speed, and awareness when compared to the rest of the NFTs from the first collection of 21,100 Tamadoge Pets. The Ultra Rare NFTs will give holders an overall stats boost to help them climb the leaderboard and earn more rewards. 

Product Development in Full Swing

Tamadoge’s key upcoming development milestones are the launch of its P2E leaderboard and a battling leaderboard. The game development is currently progressing under the leadership of top experts from the blockchain, gaming, and graphics sectors. 

Tamadoge will explore collaborations with established metaverse projects, starting from early 2023. The much-awaited collection of Tamadoge P2E Arcade will go live in the second half of 2023 and the augmented reality app will be launched later next year, kicking up activity and engagement in the ecosystem. Clearly, the project doesn’t plan on being just a buzz. 

Going by the current trend, crypto analysts predict a 50X growth for TAMA as the project launches new products and features. Join Tamadoge on Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates about upcoming launches. 

Buy Tamadoge on OKX 

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