The Counos Platform: Community-Building on a Blockchain-Economy Basis


Blockchain technology is more than just a register of data, but a foundation for the creation of entire infrastructures and ecosystems fostering human interaction on a decentralized financial basis with full transparency and independent governance. Such technology has almost unlimited potential for application and can be utilized for empowering online users and giving them a broad range of possibilities in terms of interaction with decentralized applications capable of competing, and even surpassing, their traditional analogues.

The Counos Platform is one such blockchain-based system that has been developed to serve as an infrastructure for offering users a variety of services with the application of a native internal instrument with sound economic potential.

The Counos Platform

The Counos Platform is a specialized blockchain-based infrastructure developed in 2018 and based in Switzerland that offers numerous services for operations with decentralized systems and cryptocurrencies. The main aim of this company is to establish an economic community that would allow its members to effectively conduct their operations and transactions with community support.

In addition to providing native cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for maintaining transactions within its ecosystem, Counos also offers a variety of other services, including the Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos DEX), Counos Escrow, Counos Payment Gateway, Counos Web Wallet, and Counos Mobile Wallet.

The Counos Platform is also engaged in the creation of the tools and utilities necessary for ensuring high levels of system security. The instruments to be applied include an election system, a certificate issuance system, and many others for eventually accruing value for users.

One of the pillars of the Counos Platform is the Counos Mining Pool consisting of a community of miners engaged in the extraction of the native Counos Coin (CCA), Counos X (CCXX), and Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrencies for supporting the platform.

We are also announcing the launch of a centralized exchange. It is already in beta testing and will be launched soon.

The Counos Cryptocurrency Constituent

The Counos Platform operates on the basis of its native CCA, which is mined by the participants of the Counos Mining Pool. The purpose of Counos Coin is to provide its users with the means necessary to conduct high-quality financial transactions and payments worldwide. The coin can act as a currency for daily operations and as a decentralized bank unit with deposit options.

Another asset of the platform, the Counos X Coin (CCXX) is the first bankable instrument of the system implemented on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. CCXX has an unlimited emission, but about 18,300,000 coins were mined at the first stage of its implementation. In the following stages, the first block will be rewarded with 0.035 coins in case the duration between two mined blocks exceeds 2 minutes. Other blocks will not be rewarded as a maximum of 25 coins will be generated daily. Estimates for a 100-year period indicate that only 900,000 more Counos X coins will be generated.

One of the main advantages of CCXX is its staking mechanism that will allow users to hold the asset in their wallets and receive a 5% staking reward for holding period of over a year. Six month hold periods will generate 2% increases in the asset.

CCXX is currently listed on six exchanges, including Atomars, WhiteBIT and Alterdice. New listings are being announced regularly and the coin is being traded with sufficient volumes to ensure liquidity and turnover among a growing community of users. At the time of writing, CCXX had a price of $90.1 per coin and a daily trading volume of $2,312,269, and has maintained a stable price volatility within the $1.5 range for over a month’s period, making it a relatively stable and attractive asset for investments.

Considering its average price growth of 0.5% daily and 188.6% over a year, CCXX is experiencing positive dynamics and is being adopted by a growing number of users on an expanding list of exchanges.

Impending Counos Platform Updates

Updates are also being planned for the Counos X Coin, which include a number of new features that will allow its users to gain greater advantages from using and holding their assets.

The Counos Layer protocol will soon be added on top of the Counos X blockchain with the source code of forked from Omni Layer. This protocol will allow the creation of crypto assets, such as tokens and other custom digital assets on top of the CCXX Blockchain network.

An added certification system will allow users to resort to the Counos Blockchain to issue a variety of certificates, such as university degrees, customs documents, transportation documents, identification documents, etc. The system will also foresee the use of the Counos X Coin as a means of certification with all of the data entered recorded in it, making the certificate unique and immutable.

The introduction of an election soon will soon allow voting mechanisms to be based on the Counos X Blockchain. The Counos X Coin can be used as a voting ballot within the system, ensuring immutability, transparency and reliability of the process.

A copyright system that will soon be introduced will allow the Counos Platform to be used to register all types of copyrights and patents. This feature can be used to register and store all types of patents, invention patents, intellectual property rights, music rights, and any other type of copyrights. The Counoc X Coin can also be used for stamping data of the patents and guaranteeing their status.

Lastly, a DeFi system will be introduced to allow users to store their assets and engage in loan-giving. The loaning process is based on the reliability of the CCXX DeFi system with the use of the CCXX Coin as the main transaction vehicle.

Counos Platform Exchanges

The Counos Platform is as much a trading environment as an ecosystem for community-building, offering its users two types of exchanges.

Counos DEX is a decentralized exchange that was launched in 2019, managed and operated by Counos OÜ, a company registered and licensed to legally operate in the EU zone. The platform was designed to offer peer-to-peer and community-based decentralized trades in a secure environment.

The exchange is available in 248 countries and users can resort to fiat currencies to buy and sell digital assets. Counos DEX holds License No. FVT000181, which allows it to offer virtual currency wallet services and to provide crypto and fiat exchange services

The Counos Centralized exchange is another platform that provides fast, secure, and safe cryptocurrency exchanges using world class-security architectures. One of the advantages of the Counos Exchange is its powerful order-matching engine with a convenient interface. The Counos Exchange provides fast deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat. The Counos Centralized Exchange is currently in the Beta stage of development.

Counos Platform Business Solutions

The Counos Platform also caters to businesses, as its Payment Gateway to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. The Counos Payment Gateway works like other payment processors, allowing clients to choose the Payment Gateway for making payments. Online businesses and customers can select the type of cryptocurrency for making payments, thus ensuring versatility and convenience.

Businesses and users can also resort to the Counos Mobile Wallet. Three different Counos Wallets are available with Mobile Wallet apps for Android and iOS devices, enabling users to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies simply and securely, as well as offering high levels of security and privacy.


The Counos Platform is a rapidly developing and ambitious project backed by a tradable digital asset with proven and prospective volumes on the market. The availability of a broad range of decentralized services makes the Counos Platform highly versatile as a go-to solution for traders, businesses and private users seeking to take advantage of decentralized services.


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