Tacen: Your End-to-End, One-Stop Launch Suite For Token Projects


An efficient, reliable and secure one-stop shop platform that promises to make life easier for prospective crypto token developers, entrepreneurs and hopeful traders – a perfect line that best describes compliance software company Tacen.

As it embarks on a journey to revolutionize both centralized and decentralized exchanges, Tacen will be introducing the hDEX – Hybrid Decentralized Exchange, which combines the best elements of the two variants of trading platforms, addressing their respective weakest points to provide the best service possible.

From conceptualizing to creating your own token and having it listed in notable exchanges, Tacen will give the much needed boost to minimize, if not totally eliminate, all issues that may come along the way.

As more investors consider investing in the extremely volatile and risky crypto space, Tacen will be more than just a “guide” but will also serve as protection against the many pitfalls of the burgeoning crypto industry.

Addressing Crypto Hacking, Data Breach Issues and Regulatory Compliance

Learning from the lessons of the past, particularly in 2021 when almost half a billion dollars worth of crypto assets were wiped off from centralized exchanges, the company’s hDEX not only promotes but also assures sovereign control of traders over their assets.

Moreover, as data breaches become rampant among CEXs, Tacen came up with the solution to have its users only be known by their wallet addresses. Important and sensitive data, which are vulnerable to large-scale identity theft, won’t be stored by the firm, eliminating the possibility of them falling into the wrong hands.

Tacen will allow traders to enjoy speeds comparable to centralized exchanges during their trading sessions while doing it all in a decentralized, P2P environment. As one of its slogans says: 

“Tacen provides speed without sacrificing your digital sovereignty.”

As an end-to-end token launch suite, the company has also taken into account the painstaking procedures to ensure projects are conceptualized and completed in accordance with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) requirements.

With the use of a user-controlled dashboard revolving around the above-mentioned regulatory requirements, Tacen users can easily accomplish identity verification, legal document management and purchaser onboarding.

With its easy-to-use hub, the compliance software firm assures your business will take flight without the risk of having legal deficiencies and obligations.

Jae Yang: A Brilliant Blockchain Advocate Leading The Way For Tacen

At the forefront of Tacen and its impressive umbrella of services is its CEO Jae Yang, a blockchain and software engineer who graduated from the famed Georgia Institute of Technology.

Yang, who was recently interviewed by CoinDesk regarding the need for blockchain solutions and by CNBC about the Ethereum Merge Update and its potential risks, is always looking for ways to promote the Web3 industry.

In fact, his company recently partnered with HCS Major Orlando 2022 Halo Tournament Top 10 placer TSS Esports to provide additional avenues for individuals to learn more about blockchain.

The collaboration involves substantial funding, facilities and other logistical support that the gaming team will need for their future endeavors.

As Yang has repeatedly shown his compassion and genuine care for the sector that encompasses crypto tokens, exchanges and trading, Tacen clients are rest assured that their best interests will always be the first and last thought of every company personnel, looking after them and protecting their assets as they continue to grow and realize the goals they have set for their projects.

Meanwhile, users can gain a first hand experience of the Tacen alpha platform here.  

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