Robotina Saving Money for Microsoft


Slovenian energy company, Robotina, has partnered with Microsoft to help the tech giant cut back on its huge energy costs. By combining Microsoft’s building management system with Robotina’s cutting-edge energy efficiency and fault detection system, outstanding savings have already been delivered.

A partnership is at the heart of success, and successful companies turn to Robotina for solutions to one of the great technological dilemmas of our time: how to deliver high-grade services at affordable prices globally and protect our planet at the same time.

Robotina has more than thirty years’ experience in changing how we use power and their achievements in this area are already well known in the business world. But now Robotina plans to bring its technology into our homes. Soon, ordinary energy users will benefit from the savings which, until now, have benefited massive corporations, such as Microsoft and SHARP Electronics.

Robotina has developed an Energy Management System (EMS) hardware device; a smart Internet of Things module that senses your energy usage, relaying this information back to Robotina. But this is not just about data collection. Robotina can operate your energy system so that it switches items on when the price is lowest, turns them off when they are not in use and optimizes savings by using weather forecasts to predict when the heating needs to be on. Their EMS has clear implications and applications for homes, buildings, businesses, retail, and manufacturing.

Just as Robotina’s knowledge of how we use energy has saved money for Microsoft, we can all soon benefit from having our homes managed by a company that knows our energy needs, understands when we need energy most, and learns about a system fault before we do.

Robotina recently announced that its expansion into the domestic market would be funded by an ICO. This is an exciting opportunity for investors to purchase tokens and be part of this company’s continued success. The ROX Token at the heart of the ICO will be used for discounted Robotina services and has great potential for appreciation as the company enters this new phase.

Microsoft understands the value of saving energy. Companies don’t achieve the level of success that Microsoft has without understanding the need to keep outgoings under constant review. Tech companies need power, and the world needs tech companies to be greener. Robotina holds the building blocks to make the partnerships that will make the most positive outcomes for business, consumers and the planet.

Find out more here by reading the Robotina whitepaper, lightpaper and watch the concept video.

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