Reverse Your Bear Market Losses With Gnox (GNOX), FTX (FTT) and Polygon (MATIC)


Has your portfolio suffered in recent weeks? If it has, you’re not alone. Much of the crypto world has been struggling. But it’s not just the crypto world that’s seen losses: traditional stocks and shares are way down too. As recession looms, nobody is sure how long these losses are going to continue. But thankfully, there are still a few projects out there worth looking at. Some of these have even been bucking bear market trends and thriving while others struggle. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

How Gnox (GNOX) has thrived while others flounder

There’s been one big success story in crypto over the last few weeks: Gnox. Prices of the platform’s native coin GNOX have surged over 60%, and are still available at a discount during pre-sale. With more token burns planned, supply is being limited and prices could continue to grow. But we don’t just like Gnox because of its short-term success: it’s got a ton of long-term upside.

We think Gnox is the perfect bridge between traditional finance and the benefits of the DeFi world. It’s going to be key in bringing real passive income benefits to the masses—to those investors who have previously shirked away from crypto. Many of these traditional investors still want passive income (who doesn’t?) but have either been put off by some of the complications associated with DeFi, or just simply don’t understand how they work. Complications like staking and liquidity pooling. Now, with GNOX, all they have to do is hold, and they can enjoy real passive income returns with none of the stress.

GNOX works by building a treasury of funds from a sales tax. These funds are then invested for GNOX holders, without users having to manage or understand how DeFi investing really works. The proceeds are simply paid out to them every month. This revolutionary new platform is one of the successes of the bear run for good reason, and we think it could grow even more in the future.


FTT is the native token used on global trading platform FTX. As the backbone of a crypto derivatives exchange, holders are granted a number of key benefits. The FTX exchange itself allows users to trade a range of cryptocurrencies (including BTC and ETH) as well as take part in futures trading with 20x leverage. This gives many of the tools available to investors in traditional stock markets and increases the options for those looking to make money from crypto. While trading crypto with leverage is extremely high risk, many believe that with current market volatility, now is the time to get involved.

Polygon (MATIC)

By aiming to bring the world to the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon is slowly becoming an important part of the wider crypto ecosystem. While prices have slumped in recent weeks, these are in line with much of the crypto space now. And analysts still think Polygon has a strong future in crypto.

We like these 3 projects and believe they could withstand current bear market pressure. That’s why we recommend Polygon, FTX and GNOX for your portfolio.

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