Mushe (XMU) prepares for monumental token burn after 1100% rally


Before its official launch on July 4, Mushe held an extremely successful presale where it offered customers a chance to get in early and be among the first to own its native token, XMU. Demand for the token continuously grew as more people joined the Mushe community. Now that XMU has launched onto UniSwap, it has entered the project’s next phase. Mushe has decided to burn over 150 million tokens on July 15th. This is part of the crypto project’s roadmap for growth.

How does burning tokens benefit investors?

To “burn” cryptocurrency means permanently removing a number of tokens from circulation. This is usually done by transferring the allocated number of tokens to a burn address where they can never be retrieved. Mushe will burn its tokens to reduce the overall supply, thereby increasing both scarcity and the value of the remaining tokens. When the circulating supply falls, and the tokens become a scarce commodity, investors who own Mushe tokens are positioned to reap significant profits.

Experts compare burning tokens to a company buying back its shares. The company “returns the value” to its shareholders through this method. Mushe is burning its tokens to achieve the same goal.

Overall, with the supply of XMU tokens decreasing and an expected increase in its value projected, this is the perfect time for crypto enthusiasts and investors to purchase Mushe tokens. The token prices have been on an upwards trajectory since the presale opened at $0.005, with the price continuing to rise after launch to over $0.062 per XMU, an 1144% increase since its presale began in April.

What separates Mushe from other crypto projects?

Mushe is a decentralized platform focusing on peer-to-peer (P2P) communication and collaboration, scalability, and community-driven governance. The Mushe ecosystem offers investors solutions to problems they face with other crypto projects, such as a challenging user interface, high costs and fees, lackluster profit margins, and poor community governance. Mushe will solve these problems by offering its community the ability to transfer their transactions between fiat and cryptocurrency easily. The Mushe wallet will allow users to purchase, transfer and receive cryptocurrency. The Mushe Swap is a low-cost decentralized exchange platform with a user-friendly interface. MusheVerse is the project’s virtual world that will provide e-commerce opportunities and financial services. Mushe Chat is a secure social network that offers users the ability to connect with one another. There is also an education feature aimed to empower users who are unfamiliar with crypto or would like to learn more.

Mushe is built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain network, a proven blockchain renowned for its reliability and security. And will soon launch on the Solana and Stellar blockchain networks allowing for greater interoperability and making it easy and quick for users to complete their transactions.

XMU tokens are available for purchase right now at UniSwap:

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