MrWeb Launches AmaSwap With Over $2,000,000 LP Staking Rewards


MrWeb Finance, the Tron-based Defi project which seeks to make Defi easy and accessible for all, continues to deliver its promises. After successfully bringing its high-rewarding staking program to an end, MrWeb has launched its much anticipated investment platform, AmaSwap.

AmaSwap is a decentralized investment platform which seeks to give users full control over their assets. According to the September 25 announcement, AmaSwap offers an instant means of swapping Tron-based crypto assets within users’ blockchain wallets. The platform is user friendly and offers a very great user experience.

AmaSwap currently allows users to swap and exchange different crypto assets including, AMA, TRX, USDT, NFT, SUN.…more to be added soon. Users also get rewarded on the platform by providing liquidity to earn a share of the transaction fees that are charged. Our market place also allows users to evaluate the value of different swap/exchange combinations, their volume, and transactions in last 24 hours.

Furthermore, users earn rewards through participation in our farming program. Our farming models are very flexible and allow you to stake any amount of the Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens you want. You can also unstake any amount of your holdings and at any time, at a small fee.

AmaSwap is a fully decentralized platform and gives users absolute control over their assets. In order to maintain the credibility of MrWeb, only tokens vetted and added by the team will be allowed for trading on the platform. This is to protect users from trading fake tokens and getting scammed.

The party just got started. Read a step by step guide on how to use AmaSwap here.

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