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Mochi.Market Finalizes Seed Round, Preps for IDO Fair Launch for Its Multi-Chain NFT Decentralized Exchange Protocol


Some of the largest growing sectors within the blockchain space in the last few years are the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the mainstream and the broader adoption of decentralized exchanges by crypto traders. Mochi.Market is building a platform that will utilize the best features from both of these areas, bringing forth a one-stop-shop for NFT lovers, where you can mint, buy, sell and swap NFTs cross-chain. With such an exciting and innovative project brought to the forefront of the industry, we are excited to announce that we have closed our seed investment round for Mochi.Market, securing the capital requirements needed to launch and carry out our vision of a multi-chain decentralized NFT exchange ecosystem, a “Super App” for everything NFT.

We closed the fund-raising round from a variety of notable DeFi and NFT focused VCs, including Magnus Capital, Raptor Capital, BTX Capital, X21, MoonWhale, CinchBlock, Existential Capital, Blockstar Ventures, Blocksync Ventures, and Mercurius Digital Assets. These teams are very excited to join us with Matthijs van Driel, Founder of Magnus Capital, the lead investor that leads the fund-raising round, stated: “I am thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with the Mochi team as they are developing game-changing technologies. As an avid NFT collector, I totally understand the challenges that Mochi is going to solve. Working with the Mochi team has given me a lot of confidence in the project, the speed at which the Mochi team operates and executes is world-class. Mochi believes in a fair launch, giving every investor (both seed and IDO investors) the exact same investment terms. I can’t stress enough how extraordinary this is. Mochi will be one of the pillars of mass NFT adoption.”.

Quote from Sophia Ho, Co-Founder and CEO at MochiLab, also commented on the finalization of the seed round. “Mochi.Market closed the seed round within 40 days since our team at kickstarted the project. We have also built a sizable Mochi community of passionate DeFi and NFT creators and users organically within this short period of time. We would not be able to achieve this without the tremendous support of our early investors, advisors and community. As a community-driven project that aims to be a DAO, we welcome all ecosystem partners and community join us in this exciting journey of building a super-app for NFTs ”

Excitement is Growing Around Our Ecosystem

Although we have just started to come out of stealth mode, the community excitement about what we aim to build has shown no signs of slowing down. Our seed investment round was vastly oversubscribed and we received an outstanding amount of interest from VC firms, hedge funds and institutions all involved in the industry. We find ourselves in the position where we have the opportunity to be very strategic with who we choose to partner with and would like to be involved in the growth of Mochi.Market.

In total, we were able to raise necessary funds from various highly connected and skilled investors, which will undoubtedly help us move forward as we look to capture the value within the NFT exchange markets and ecosystem. These strategic partners provide much more than money to the Mochi.Market ecosystem, supplying industry expertise, connections, advice and insight in how to best grow our project in the most effective and efficient manner. With their insight, and our creation of an NFT Super App featuring a DEX, fractionalized trading, lending and more.

Following the completion of the seed round, we can now concentrate on building out our NFT ecosystem and expanding our team to include further industry experts, propelling us towards a successful launch. This represents finalization in funding from institutions, but we will still offer investment opportunities to everyday users and stakeholders through our IDO and private round, an essential focus for us as we look to get our community of supporters as involved as possible in our collective success as we aim to run our ecosystem as a DAO. We will be hosting a fair launch of $MOMA, our utility token, to get the community involved as much as possible. As a community-driven project, this is one of our focuses. These tokens will be available on Ethereum and BSC to start, with more chains to come.

While we are still building and developing our platform, we already have capable functionality that allows entities to utilize our platform. One of our investors, has already completed an airdrop of 1000 SFUND, their native cryptocurrency, through our Mochi Airdrop Service to 100 lucky winners holding their winning NFT ticket. This is only a small taste of what Mochi.Market brings to the table and just the beginning. Wait until you get to taste the main meal! We are excited to have you with us on our journey as we bring value-enhancing methods and innovations to NFT and DeFi.

About Mochi.Market

Mochi.Market is a multi-chain decentralized NFT ecosystem focusing on solving the pain points the NFT market is currently facing. NFT liquidity is almost non-existent given the unique nature that are NFTs. The NFT market is currently very segregated, making it hard to interact between platforms even if they are hosted on the same network. Mochi.Market innovates this current model, creating a one-stop-shop for NFTs where everyone can go to trade NFTs regardless of which chain they originated on. As the multi-chain Uniswap of NFTs, we will offer users AMM opportunities, fractionalization, staking, lending and other aspects to monetize their NFTs beyond sales, creating a more adaptive and usable ecosystem for all. We are revolutionizing the very way in which NFT users can mint, buy, swap and sell NFTs, where Mochi.Market sees a problem, we have the solution. Mochi.Market will be the “Super App” for NFTs offering all our solutions on an ever-growing multi-chain ecosystem. The future of NFTs starts and ends with Mochi.Market.

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