Matrixport Released Dual Currency-USDⓢ With the Annualized Yield as High as 100%.


At the end of 2019, the Matrixport App was officially launched, and it was the first Dual Currency product that supports BTC investment. Dual Currency Investment is the first-of-its-kind digital asset management product released by Matrixport. The calculation method is determined by the “Linked Price”, and it is guaranteed that one of the two digital ­­­­assets will always generate profit.

Recently, Matrixport released Dual Currency-USDⓢ with the annualized yield as high as 100%. As its name implies, it is a Dual Currency investment that supports USD stable currency (USDT/USDC) payment. Compared with Dual Currency-BTC, investors will feel more comfortable with the Dual Currency-USDⓢ, because they don’t need to bear the fluctuation risk of BTC as the investment currency is USD stable currency. When the investment is at expiry, investors can collect more USDC or get cheaper BTC.(

According to Matrixport’s official product parameters:

Linked Price: 8,000; Expiry Date: 25-Jan-2020; Yield: 5%; Investment Currency: USDC

On 9-Jan-2020, the user bought 10,000 USDC notional of the above product. On 25-Jan-2020, if BTC/USD Settlement Price is above 8,000 USD, The user gets 5% return on USDC, which is 10,000*(1+5%) USDC, which is 10,500 USDC. If BTC/USD Settlement Price is at or above 8,000 USD, the user gets 10,000/8,000*(1+5%) BTC, which is 1.3125 BTC. Basically, the User will definitely get 5% yield on the expiry date — the only uncertainty is whether to receive BTC or USDC, depending on where BTC/USD is on the expiry date.

Dual Currency-USDⓢ currently supports two types of USD stable currency payment, USDT or USDC. Please be noted that when an investor uses USDT for investment, it will be valued in equivalent USDC. For example, if the current exchange rate of USDT is 0.99 USDC when the investor pays 1000 USDT to buy Dual Currency — USDⓢ, the actual investment amount will be 990 USDC. The reason for using this calculation method is that the exchange rate of USDC is more stable and secure, and thus USDC could improve the asset security for the investors and platforms.

About Matrixport

Founded in February 2019, Matrixport is a financial service company spun off from the world’s leading ASIC chip (mining computers) producer Bitmain Technologies. With its rich industry resources and leading technology capabilities, it strives to offer its clients innovative products. Thanks to the leader position that Bitmain enjoys in the mining hardware market, Matrixport has a very established clientele since its very beginning. Although being a start-up, Matrixport already has more than 160 employees worldwide with the majority of them working for the technical side and the rest having a strong financial industry background (with past experience at Deutsche Bank, Citi, Merrill Lynch, etc.). It can be said with confidence that the company’s knowhow on everything crypto, blockchain, and financial products is solid and proven.

With all these favorable conditions, the whole Matrixport product development team works hard and intensively on designing new exciting offerings to satisfy a rapidly growing market.

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