Is Runfy Proof That Crypto Is The Future? How Bitcoin Paved The Way


Runfy (RUNF) is a new crypto project to enter the market and has a unique take on crypto from what we’ve seen before. Acting as more than a currency or way to make money, Runfy tackles real-life issues by helping individuals worldwide lose weight and keep their fitness up. This is different from any other crypto project seen before, and while many individuals may be thinking about how fitness and crypto go hand in hand, Runfy has all the answers you need. So, let’s get into how Runfy could lead crypto to a new path and how Bitcoin (BTC) paved the way for this.

What Is Runfy?

Runfy is a presale project that focuses on helping individuals keep fit. While many people want to be healthy, they find it hard to motivate themselves to achieve their fitness goals. Runfy uses cryptocurrency to encourage individuals by providing users with rewards each time a fitness goal is achieved.

For example, users can use the Runfy app to set their personal goals, which could be to lose a certain amount of weight or to walk a certain amount of steps over a set amount of time. Once these goals have been achieved, which will be tracked with Runfy’s smart technology, users can then earn RUNF tokens as a reward. Essentially, users can earn money from working out.

The creators of Runfy wanted to tackle this issue of fitness and health due to the coronavirus pandemic. As gyms were closed for a portion of the pandemic and many individuals were demotivated during the uncertain times, many people globally started gaining weight. A lot of individuals even now struggle to find that motivation again to take care of their body. But, with the help of Runfy, this motivation can be brought back.

Taking on this new vision of what crypto is and how it can help individuals in more ways than just money is a big step for the general crypto market. Seeing how far crypto has come in the past decade is overwhelming, as it was once laughed at. Now, crypto is helping change people’s lives worldwide.

Is Bitcoin To Thank?

When we think of the crypto market today, we think of the thousands of different cryptocurrencies out there and the various sectors and audiences they target. But, at the beginning of the crypto journey there was just Bitcoin.

As the first-ever cryptocurrency to exist, Bitcoin has come a long way in the market and is essentially why crypto has become what it is today. Introducing the idea of digital currencies and decentralised finance was a massive thing for society and wasn’t taken seriously at first. But now, these concepts have become normalised as more companies, restaurants and hotels now accept crypto as payment.

The crypto world has come a long way over the past decade and we can only imagine for it to evolve significantly more over the next decade, especially with new projects like Runfy joining the market.

If you’re not involved in the crypto world just yet, it’s best to start researching as it seems like only big things will come.

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