Introducing DeSpace: The Cross-Chain NFT And DeFi Aggregator with A Twist


DeSpace has launched one of the most comprehensive DeFi aggregators in the crypto space. It boasts the first platform to allow users to interact with several DeFi protocols from a single web interface. In addition to this users are able to mine for DES coins just by utilizing the DeSpace aggregator to carry out and execute DeFi and NFT transactions.

Users earn DES tokens when they buy, sell, stake, and transfer any NFT asset, irrespective of the marketplace of purchase. The DeFi aggregator can connect to multiple DeFi and NFT platforms through its websites without users having to hop from one marketplace to another.

Using DeSpace guarantees users earnings in a variety of ways. This ranges from coin backs – where users get back a proportion of the funds they spend on DeFi and NFT protocols when they transact through DeSpace, to earning via carrying out transactions in the DeSpace ecosystem.

It features a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and navigate, with captivating graphics that keeps users engaged. The flexibility is one of the biggest selling points of the protocol as the cross-chain platform provides DeFi and NFT protocols that are operable across multiple blockchains. DeSpace is fully decentralized and is privacy and audibility focused, making it a well-suited product for both individual and institutional investors.

DeSpace’s Mission

DeSpace is providing a one-stop-shop product for DeFi and NFT investors. The project addresses the lack of utility behind NFTs by allowing users to augment their experience through increasing mining yields or receiving space drops for the NFTs that they hold. The cards open users up to different perks, as well as enabling users to combine their cards to enhance their experience and the ecosystem’s utility.

DeSpace’s DeFi aggregator works towards a similar goal. The protocol breaks barriers to entry for investors by simplifying the process for accessing DeFi protocols via the integration of multiple DeFi use cases into a single user interface.

About DeSpace

DeSpace is a cross-chain and multi-platform DeFi and NFT solution built on top of the DeChain blockchain. The Layer 2 engine DeChain provides DeSpace the ability to achieve cross-chain interoperability at very high speed for very low fees. It is a decentralized aggregator that combines all that DeFi and NFTs have to offer into a single website.

DeSpace features DeFi solutions such as DeLend and DeSwap where users can carry out DeFi activities such as staking, mining, liquidity farming, yield farming, lending, in addition to trading activities like limit orders and margin trading activities.

It is the first and only comprehensive DeFi aggregator that provides users access to various DeFi protocols in a single place while allowing them to earn DES coins for DeFi and NFT transactions.

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