Global DeFi Implements One-Stop-Shop for DeFi


Once part of traditional financial markets, it is now on the Blockchain setting a distinct trend when it comes to financial services. Without intermediaries, the world can borrow, lend, manage and exchange assets, issue NFTs, access derivatives, and insurance.

Maker, Uniswap, Compound, Balancer, Synthetix, Aave among others, have defined and shaped an era of financial sovereignty. However, the glaring vacuum in this space has yet to see a one-stop-shop dedicated to a wide range of services.

Global DeFi accepts the Challenge

Global DeFi (GDeFi) is a community-led decentralized economy that combines cutting-edge Blockchain technology with dependable, well-organized DeFi services. The approach is offering a broad spectrum of DeFi services on one single platform.

GDeFi supports a scalable composition incorporating the best applications in the field. The project frequently upgrades solutions with the community and native token growth in mind. The first, all-in-one, community-driven DeFi solution that ticks all the boxes.

Already impressed? We’re just getting started. Additionally, an intuitive protocol ensures the highest security and convenience, designed in a trustless and permissionless manner. Deployed on Ethereum, the self-compliant foolproof Smart Contracts fuels growth.

Aiming to become the DeFi solution of choice for Staking, Yielding, NFT Farming, Lending, Borrowing, and a DEX coupled with an attractive APY.

All these and more on a single platform is nothing less but a complete game-changer.

Unique Features of GDeFi

As an innovative platform, GDeFi commands impressive and technically savvy features with rare hallmarks. In our view, this is what the market so desperately needs.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens): Utility tokens have limitations with networks without representing a tangible asset. The introduction of NFTs with tokens symbolizes something unique and represents one of the driving forces behind DeFi.

Users first: GDeFi operates under the principle of participation, which means users’ opinions are significant, reflecting on the ecosystem’s governance.

Transparency And Privacy: With transparency and privacy as the nucleus, finally a DeFi project that is 100% transparent, also in view of the team and developments.

Accredited Auditing: All protocols and Smart Contracts are subject to meticulous scrutiny via certified auditing firms. Something we do not see often enough in DeFi.

Verifiable by community: There is a verification process guaranteeing improved security by making corresponding addresses public verifying purposes.

Sidechains: GDeFi engages sidechain mechanism to support tokens and other cryptocurrencies securely from one Blockchain to another.

State Channels: State Channels extend a two-way route to enable users to make transactions directly among themselves anonymously, faster and cheaper.

GlobalSwap Is exceptional

GlobalSwap, the DEX of GDeFi, is a Uniswap fork with innovative new peculiarities. Though essentially based on Uniswap, its development is in tandem with the GDeFi protocol – sturdy and foolproof.

Hence, bottlenecks like time-consuming trade, mispriced assets, and negative yield are over. GlobalSwap provides the key to intricacies bothering DeFi and DEXes.

Features tied to significant benefits & market fit are the DNA of any successful project. Therefore GDEFI is designed to become one of the leading providers in the DeFi space.

Embrace the best, toss the rest!

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