New Is Old: Changelly Supports Hardfork and Adds Ethereum Classic


Recently, Changelly had to stop exchanging Ethereum due to the hard fork. The rare event has resulted in Ethereum Classic, a new cryptocurrency running the old Ethereum blockchain. The new crypto was immediately added to the Changelly list of supported currencies.

Changelly, a crypto exchange service, was in the thick of things going on in the Ethereum community last week. A hacker attack on the DAO has induced the Ethereum community to take some measures and bail out the hacked block by hardforking. The point was to replicate the original Ethereum blockchain and switch to the new ‘cropped’ version. Large traders and exchanges, including Changelly, have warmed up to the idea
of the hard fork.

However, the fact that the community has hasty embraced the hard fork, was harshly criticized by certain Ethereum investors and mining pools. Poloniex, the largest Ethereum trading platform, has provided Ethereum traders and stakeholders with Ethereum classic, a new cryptocurrency running the original blockchain. Considering that the old Ethereum blockchain hasn’t been even compromised, Ethereum classic found support among many users, traders and exchange platforms like Changelly. As soon as the new currency has kicked in, Changelly has added it to the list of supported currencies. Now the currency is available for exchanging at the best rates on the market for every user.

Changelly team endorses the view that Ethereum classic holds all the aces to become no less popular than Ethereum. A prime case in point is the total amount of ETC being exchanged since launch on Changelly.

Claude Lecomte, CEO at MinerGate and Changelly, said: “We were just about to celebrate the ETH turnover reaching one million dollars, when the ETC figures skyrocketed to USD 200 000 in just four days.”
Changelly strives for the golden mean between two cryptocurrencies and sticks to the opinion that ETH and ETC are equally true.

About Changelly

Changelly is the project of MinerGate developers, the oldest and trustworthy mining pool. The exchange service provides a quick and easy steps to convert the unlimited amount of ETC into any crypto including altcoins. Being connected to the largest and trustworthy trade platforms, Changelly selects and suggests the most favorable ETC rates.

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