Backed by Giants, Swash Closes Oversubscribed Private Round at $7MM Ahead of IDO


Data monetisation solution, Swash, has successfully raised $7MM in an oversubscribed round from leading investors ahead of its public sale later this month.

Swash has closed a $7MM pre-public sale funding round with overwhelming interest from leading Web 3 venture capital firms and angel investors around the world.

Surpassing $4MM just two weeks ago, Swash’s funding round was led by KuCoin, Outlier Ventures, and Streamr, totalling 60 investors across 25 countries. The project has seen an outstanding level of interest and support, leading to an oversubscribed round and a lot of excitement ahead of their public sale later this month.

The company is now gearing up to launch its IDO on October 29th, where crypto enthusiasts will be able to join the public sale and become holders of SWASH, native token of the Swash ecosystem.

The SWASH token builds upon four core principles: incentivise, transact, multiply, and govern. It will be an integral part of the Swash universe, rewarding Data Union members for the aggregated value of their data while providing the opportunity to multiply those rewards through staking, redeeming for products, making donations, and more.

People can share their data to earn while retaining their privacy, businesses are able to access high-quality, zero-party data in a sustainable and compliant way, and developers can easily set up and build systems within a collaborative development framework.

The SWASH token will power all transactions that take place in the Swash universe while fuelling the products and services built to advance adoption. Swash has a live product and active user base with over 70,000 users at the time of writing. The browser application allows people to claim control and monetise their data, setting the tone for a range of other solutions to be built, including a CMI platform for businesses (sIntelligence), an environment for builders (sApps), and computational infrastructure for data scientists (sCompute).

Swash’s IDO is part of its ambitious roadmap to shape a new data economy for people, developers, and organisations, backed by a web of advisors and investors driving it forward.

Swash will make 5% of its total token issuance available on the IDO, representing 50M tokens in total. New token holders will have no vesting period, offering complete flexibility to use SWASH from October 29 onwards.

Whitelisting for the IDO begins today (October 11th), where people interested in becoming a token holder can conduct KYC verification on Fractal and if eligible, join the IDO on Gnosis Auction, happening on October 29th. Whitelisting will remain open until October 25th and only 20,000 places are available.

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Chloe Diamond
Swash – www.swashapp.io
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Telegram: @chloe_diamond
Twitter: @chloe__diamond

About Swash

Swash is an ecosystem of tools and services that enable people, businesses, and developers to unlock the latent value of data by pooling, securely sharing, and monetising its value.

People share their data to earn while retaining their privacy. Businesses access high-quality, zero-party data in a sustainable and compliant way. Developers set up and build systems within a collaborative development framework with ease.

Swash is reimagining data ownership by enabling all actors of the data economy to earn, access, build and collaborate in a liquid digital ecosystem for data. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the IDO.

Whitelist now: https://swashapp.io/ido-whitelist

Connect with Swash: Twitter | Telegram | Reddit | LinkedIn | Website | Newsletter | One Pager


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