Artozo to launch a rule-changer in the NFT marketplace world


The Artozo NFT marketplace introduces the ‘Invite-to-Earn’ mechanic as a game-changer for the NFT community.

The Artozo platform is a marketplace for buying and selling NFT art. The company has just announced the closure of a successful seed round worth $250,000. This funding will go towards the further development of the company’s product offering with the goal of  empowering the NFT community to earn crypto while using the platform.

Artozo adds value for those participating in the NFT economy by resolving some of the most painful problems the NFT market is currently facing:

  • Introducing unique rewards for referrers. With Artozo’s Advanced Referral Model, users get passive income in crypto when they use the referral program. This long-awaited feature addresses a longstanding issue in the NFT market where no rewards were available for inviting new users.
  • Introducing free sign-ups. On the Artozo platform, users can register for free and unlock full access for as low as $50. Compare that to the average $300 – $2500 investment a buyer will pay to enter NFT trading on the traditional market.
  • Addressing high fees. 95% of NFTs are created on the ETHEREUM blockchain, which is expensive. The fees for creating one NFT on Ethereum range from $100 – $500. Artozo is built on one of the world’s fastest blockchains — SOLANA. Here, the fee for creating an NFT averages around $2 with a $0.00025 cost per transaction.
  • Solving low NFT demand. On other platforms, users will purchase an NFT but are unable to sell it due to a lack of demand. For this reason, Artozo developed ArtUp Boosters. ABs are used to level up NFT art. A user who has obtained a booster, has the opportunity to use it to raise the level of their NFT, thus increasing its potential and lucrativeness.

These innovations were made possible through focused NFT market research and analyzing issues such as the general lack of referral rewards and long-term user engagement. Artozo’s strategic goals focus on the communal area of interest. This includes earning crypto and developing a variety of features with NFT capabilities (such as proof of ownership) to expand the existing range of products.

At the same time, the referral program is not the crowning achievement of the reward system. Artozo’s unique offering expands the means of obtaining benefits by adding staking and a simplified NFT trading process.

The model of an NFT operation on the Artozo platform allows users to:

  • invite to earn
  • create NFTs
  • collect NFT
  • trade them
  • and eventually, stake them

Referral rewards and the ability to stake NFT will allow the platform to achieve exponential growth and increase user income.

For anyone interested, Artozo is announcing a pre-sale launch that starts this month.

At the moment, registration is open and we invite everyone to take part in what is set to become the future of the NFT market.

Learn More about ARTOZO:

Official Website:
Email: [email protected]

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