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Anti-Ad-Fraud Alliance – DATA Proposes to Abolish Fake Users


DATA project aims to resolve the massive hidden threat to the digital marketing and advertising industry; ad fraud, which costs the industry over USD$16 billion per year.

The current anti-fraud technologies attempt to detect the fraudulent data, be it fake users or fake devices, only after the fraud has occurred, meaning data has been propagated into the entire sell-and-demand transaction ecosystem. The policing agency IAB provides the black-and-white-list of fraudulent data as a centralized list, however, these lists can become quickly out-of-date in real time, meaning it can be easily manipulated.

Prof. Shoucheng Zhang, Founding Chairman of Danhua Capital, is confirmed to be Chief Advisor of DATA (DTA). Michael Arrington, Founder of TechCrunch and Paul Veradittakit, Partner of Pantera, have also joined DATA as advisors. New strategic partners include Pantera, Alphabit, Kenetic, and XRP capital. DATA project is a blockchain based advertising protocol and technology stack carried by a Silicon Valley team and aims to build a Decentralised AI-powered Trust Alliance. Huobi Pro launched the DATA token $DTA on January 17th, DTA/BTC and DTA/ETH is available for trading from 14:00, January 18 (GMT+8)

DATA Project’s core competency and differentiation lay in the unique technology that can identify fraud at the device level and proactively invalidate it, therefore preventing it from leaking into the entire industry network. This is done through being powered by deep learning AI, which applies the most advanced blockchain algorithm that is secured by design, is decentralized by community consensus, and is incentivized through rewards of digital tokens to every player’s contribution toward preventing fraud.

A healthy and trusted ecosystem in digital advertising guarantees that the flow of the advertising reaches the target audience whose appetite for quality content and demand for information of goods increases exponentially. By satisfying this demand from our audience, the industry’s growth can be sustained, and profits enhanced.

Aside from solutions to data storage and decentralized distribution of data, and AI-based consensus to authenticate the validity of end users and devices, DATA’s core technology and open source contribution also provides the functionality to enable other applications to be created on the building blocks that can support micropayment, smart contract, reward modelling, token distribution and redemption, etc, within a secured yet flexible blockchain and tokenized economy.

In the end, every player in the community or the ecosystem will become the ultimate winner through the use of DATA Project.

DATA Project will refine a set of protocol standards in digital advertising, in order to be established as the industry standard.

To materialize the actual implementation of DATA Project, it has partnered with Yomob International Inc., a unified mobile ad global monetization platform with a reach of 120M monthly users and 2000+ mobile developers. Yomob’s vast reach to the publisher and end-users is the cornerstone of DATA Project to ramp up its proof-of-concept stage and scale to broader adoption.

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