Reports $1,000,000 Worth of Bitcoin Transacted in First 60 Days

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By Super User June 24, 2014 16:31

Newsletter Reports $1,000,000 Worth of Bitcoin Transacted in First 60 Days

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Newly-launched is reporting some interesting figures when it comes to statistics collected in the first sixty days of operation.

The website says that over the past two months, they have exceeded over $1,000,000 worth of bitcoin transacted in this period — 2,400 bitcoins to be precise. Over 5,000 registered users have completed 23,000 transactions — with 100 percent of those users said to be using two-actor authentication.

“We have a growing density of users in developing regions where bitcoin offers convenience and cost advantages over traditional banking and remittance services,” said co-founder Price Givens. “In particular we see adoption of our service in Africa, Indonesia and India.”

According to Mr. Givens, China just might look to be the next big audience for their wallet service.

“The fact that our users have transacted over $1,500,000 [not based on current exchange rate] through our system serves to further confirm the viability of bitcoin as well as the benefits of and our instant user to user transfer feature,” said Alex Charfen, another co-founder of the wallet service.

Based in Orange County, California, was started with significant investment capital. Reports in February indicated that the domain name had been sold by Niko Younts for a cool $250,000.

The title of the web’s most popular wallet service goes to, however. Their platform has transacted at last count over $3.1 billionand has over 1.7 million users.

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