Yelp Can Now Show if a Business Accepts Bitcoin

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Yelp Can Now Show if a Business Accepts Bitcoin

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If you follow the Bitcoin subreddit on social sharing website, you may or may not have come across an interesting post this morning.

In short, it would appear as if Yelp (a business review site, if you live under a rock) now allows business owners to specify whether or not a business accepts bitcoin.

The image provided by the submitted clearly shows a “Accepts Bitcoin” yes/no option directly below the “Accepts Credit Cards” option in the back-end options. This reflects on the business’s page under the “More business info” section on the left (see here for an example).

Update: The company announced the new feature on their official blog.

We’re hopeful the introduction of the Bitcoin attribute will provide yet another way for consumers to connect with great local businesses.

For bitcoin users and enthusiasts eager to spend their coins at businesses they love, the feature is somewhat of a godsend. Scores of consumers scope reviews on businesses on Yelp (and competing websites) before forking over their money, and enthusiasts who see that a business accepts bitcoin may make them more likely to pay a visit.

Accepts Bitcoin Yelp Options 01

The added feature can also help raise bitcoin awareness. A business owner, for example, might look at the options and start researching what bitcoin is. Surely, it must be important if it’s listed there, don’t you think?

Businesses stand to gain the most from bitcoin use, from convenient payments to lack of expensive card processing fees.

What do you make of it?

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    wow… that is CRAZY good for bitcoin :)

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