Coinbase Opens App Store, Announces BitHack Winners

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By Super User March 29, 2014 00:03


Coinbase Opens App Store, Announces BitHack Winners

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Popular bitcoin brokerage Coinbase opened their very own app store showcasing applications “powered by the Coinbase platform.”

At the time of this posting, the app store is home to about eight programs that are available for either Android, iOS, or Mac/Windows. Programs include the Coinbase WordPress plugin and Pounce and range from desktop software to web browser plugins.

And while we’re on the topic of software, Coinbase has announced the top three winners (selected out of 112 submissions) of their recent BitHack hackathon.

In third place came, a service that allows customers to post up products for sale in bitcoin. All this and no fees. Certainly an attractive offering. The developers received a $3,000 prize.

In second place came Aircoin, a drag-and-drop application that allows users to send bitcoin to people nearby. The developers of this application received $5,000.

And finally, in first place came CoinPlanter, a game of sorts that allows its users to geographically store their bitcoin based on location, allowing other users of the app to find them (and vice-versa). The developers of this application received $10,000.

Interestingly, none of these three applications are listed on the Coinbase App Store.

Coinbase is planning to hold additional BitHacks with a feature to allow the community to vote on a winner.

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